Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Candle Can--heat, light & cook stove

The Candle Can--heat, light & cook stove

Items needed to assemble The Candle Can:

  • One roll of one-ply toilet paper
  • One 16 oz. bottle of rubbing alchohol
  • One box matches
  • One penny
  • One quart size paint can with lid.
  • Glue & scotch tape

Assembly Instructions:

Take cardboard out of center of toilet paper, (optional)
Put the roll of toilet paper in the can. (It's a tight squeeze.)
Slowly pour the alcohol over the toilet paper.
Put the lid on the can and pound gently with a hammer to seal tight.
Glue/tape the box of matches on top of the can (with penny glued on top of matches.)
Scotch tape the paper instructions around the can.

To use:

Remove lid with penny and light. This stove will burn approximately 8 hours. Paper will not burn. When done, replace lid to extinguish flame. May be reused. Add more alcohol as needed to keep it ready for future use.

Great for snowmobiles, winter camps, trunk of car, or just as a storage item. Think of it as heat, light and cook-stove. (To use as cook-stove, couple with an empty #10 can that has plenty of large air holes punched around the sides of the can.)

Safety Warning:

The outside of the can will get hot after about 30 minutes of burning. The bottom of the can will not get hot until alcohol has burned down.

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