Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspiration and Thanks!!

Inspiration for this website comes from a man who has dedicated much of his time to amateur radio emergency communications --  O.D. Williams (N7OZH). 

O.D. is a master in the art of teaching others how to communicate in a disaster, things you should consider before you commit, items your grab-and-go kit should have, where the latest and greatest deals are to purchase supplies, batteries, antennas, and the list goes on!!!  O.D. presents information so clearly and in such a way that all who listen come away with a desire to improve and sharpen their skills.  O.D. is a wealth of information and we are greatful for his service in helping others prepare and practice emergency communication skills.

O.D. provides training on several nets in SLC -- the MARA Net, the ERC Net, the SLC Foothill Net and other nets when he is requested.

O.D. maintains a blog at the following link and all are invited and recommended to visit and learn:

Thank you O.D. for your inspiration and support!!

New Zealand Earthquake info

A good source for general information, stories/video, and more on the 6.3 magnitude New Zealand earthquake is the New Zealand Herald.  Follow the link below:

I found interesting this article that shows what residents "need to know" -- areas that have been set up as temporary medical, water, power, etc as a reference:

Our hearts and prayers go out to all that have been affected by this disaster.


In the beginning...

The intent of this blog is to share meaningful information regarding emergency communications, emergency preparedness, and insightful commentary on related topics.

The Foothill area of Salt Lake City conducts an Amateur Radio Net every Tuesday night at 9pm MST on 145.610 MHz simplex.  All licensed amateurs are invited to check into this net and participate in training.

"To prepare amateur radio operators for local emergency and near the Foothill area."