Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspiration and Thanks!!

Inspiration for this website comes from a man who has dedicated much of his time to amateur radio emergency communications --  O.D. Williams (N7OZH). 

O.D. is a master in the art of teaching others how to communicate in a disaster, things you should consider before you commit, items your grab-and-go kit should have, where the latest and greatest deals are to purchase supplies, batteries, antennas, and the list goes on!!!  O.D. presents information so clearly and in such a way that all who listen come away with a desire to improve and sharpen their skills.  O.D. is a wealth of information and we are greatful for his service in helping others prepare and practice emergency communication skills.

O.D. provides training on several nets in SLC -- the MARA Net, the ERC Net, the SLC Foothill Net and other nets when he is requested.

O.D. maintains a blog at the following link and all are invited and recommended to visit and learn:

Thank you O.D. for your inspiration and support!!

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