Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to Prepare for Fire Season

Two Thursday night fires in Utah County served as a reminder that fire season is upon the state. Wildfires may not be entirely preventable, but steps can be taken to help prevent fires and to prepare your home and family in case of evacuation...

How can you protect your home?

Creating defensible space around your home can help to save it if a wildfire gets too close. It also provides firefighters with a place from which to fight wildfires.

Doing the following will help create defensible space:

  • Remove all flammable vegetation around all structures. Contact your local fire department to find out if there is a minimal amount of clearance required.
  • Trim trees so branches are six feet from the ground and 10 feet from your chimney. Remove branches overhanging your roof.
  • Call your utility company for help with trees near power lines. Never trim them yourself.
  • Remove any dead trees. Cut weeds and dead grasses six inches or shorter.
  • Always work early in the morning and make sure your power tools have spark arresters to prevent equipment-caused fires.
  • Consider landscaping with fire-resistant plants.
  • Clean up plant litter and water properly

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