Saturday, September 10, 2011

CERT - 9th&9th Street festival CERT activity

Saturday, September 17, 2011, the 9th&9th Street festival, in conjunction with Salt Lake City and Paul Davis Restoration and Remodeling, will host Utah’s largest mock emergency response drill as part of the Festival .

Open to all, victim check-in will be at 940 E 900 S between 10 and 11:45AM. The drill will begin at 12 Noon and run for 2 hours.  Victim sign up can also be done on-line at:

We are planning for up to 500 victims and 300 CERT trained emergency responders to participate.  The Salt Lake City Emergency Alert system will be activated and over a thousand volunteer emergency responders will be notified and asked to respond to this event.  City emergency communication systems will be on-line to monitor and evaluate the response.

Ask yourself: What if an earthquake like Haiti’s happened here today?

This is a learning opportunity for both disaster victims and CERT volunteers to be more prepared should an actual emergency occur.  After Katrina, FEMA mandated the writing of a FEMA/State of Utah Catastrophic Plan.   This event has been planned in preparation for next spring’s national level emergency drill called Shakeout2012.   These events are being hosted to promote self preparation and the construction of an effective emergency plan for the state of Utah.

Everyone is invited to participate.  Check-in and coordination will be at the 9th&9th Street Festival while the event staging location will be nearby at the Rowland Hall School athletic field.

For further information about this event please contact

Heidi Preuss
Event Chair
801 580-8978

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