Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Prepare Early...If Not For Yourself, Then For Those Less Fortunate

Erin McBride, a friend of Emergency Essentials, was asked to share her experiences with preparedness while in the very midst of a major tropical storm. As a person dedicated to the health and welfare of those less fortunate, her perspective is turned outward, focusing less upon her own well-being, and more upon the interests of those she serves.

elderly man at empty shelves in  shop scratches in  nape"It was a very humbling moment for me. Families were giving up precious healthcare to get milk and bread. The poorest of families couldn’t get to the store yesterday when the shelves were full. They had to wait for their food stamps. Meanwhile, individuals like me, that didn’t need to wait for the first of the month, and could have better prepared in advance, were keeping these families from getting what they needed." 

Read the entire post at Emergency Essential website following the link below:

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