Sunday, February 2, 2014

Beacon Heights Elementary School S.A.F.E. Neighborhoods Workshop

RE:          S.A.F.E Neighborhoods workshop at 
                Beacon Heights Elementary School
                Thursday, February 6th
                All community members invited

Good Evening Everyone,

Beacon Heights Elementary has rescheduled their SAFE Neighborhoods workshop for this Thursday, February 6th, beginning at 6:30 pm.

This workshop is going to cover information on how Salt Lake City and the Red Cross are working together to utilize elementary, secondary (intermediate), and high schools in the event of an emergency.  Specifically, they will be addressing the elementary schools as check-in points and reunification posts.

This instructor-led, basic level workshop is designed to share information with community members and partner agencies about the School’s Aiding Families in Emergencies (SAFE) Neighborhood program.  The workshop will educate participants about how and why the program was developed; why it is important to the community and provide pre-incident training and orientation materials to SAFE Neighborhood shelter teams.  It also provides shelter operational materials to facilities prior to opening as a “Red Cross partner” or as a “Red Cross supported’ disaster relief shelter during actual time of operations.

I strongly encourage all members of our community to take this training, to help our area to be more prepared for an emergency.  No registration is necessary and no cost.

Please forward this message to area leaders, Block Captains and as many of our community members as you are able – especially those in the Beacon Heights Elementary School boundaries.

This workshop may also be held at Dillworth Elementary and Bonneville Elementary in the future.  I will email out when I have those dates confirmed.

Please see both links below for additional information about SAFE Neighborhoods.

Thank you so much for your efforts,

Dave Anderson
Emergency Prep Committee

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