Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Community Preparedness Workshop

Date:           Saturday, November 23, 2013
Location:     The new Public Safety Building
                     475 S 300 E        
Time:           8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Dear Salt Lake City Community Members,

The 4st Quarter 2013 Community Preparedness Workshop has been scheduled. Please join us at the workshop on Saturday, November 23, 2013. Continental breakfast will be offered at 8:00 am. Welcome and opening address will begin at 8:30.

This workshop will focus on the SAFE Neighborhoods program. In the event of a catastrophic incident that requires evacuation of a community neighborhood, individuals and families need a SAFE location to go for family reunification, temporary sheltering, and a place to receive emergency public information.

Salt Lake City, in partnership with the American Red Cross, and the Salt Lake City School District has developed the SAFE Neighborhoods program which trains volunteers from each school community to open, staff, and run their own reunification shelters within their own neighborhood schools until outside resources arrive.

This workshop will educate participants about how and why the program was developed; why it is important to the community, and provide the initial 2 hour training volunteers will need to implement the program in their school community. For more information about the SAFE Neighborhoods program go to www.slcgov.com/em and scroll down and click on the SAFE Neighborhoods bullet.

John Flynt, Community Preparedness Coordinator for the Salt Lake City Office of Emergency Management will brief workshop attendees on Salt Lake City government’s participation in the ShakeOut 2014, planning for the future, and projects that are being implemented. He will also be bringing equipment to issue CERT member ID badges. If you wish to receive your ID please bring proof of CERT course completion. For those who have completed any NIMS ICS courses or who are hold current HAM licenses, proof will be required to add these certifications to your ID.

Though CERT Team and Mobile Watch members are strongly encouraged to attend, this workshop is for any individuals, families, civic, religious, or volunteer groups interested in community preparedness in Salt Lake City. It is vital that we coordinate in a unified effort among all groups and organizations to successfully prepare and protect our city. We ask the community councils for assistance in finding and encouraging representatives in every neighborhood to participate in these efforts.

Below is the agenda. Didn’t attend the previous workshops? No problem. Please join us at this one! Pass this on to anyone you feel would have an interest in community emergency response.

Please visit www.slcgov.com/em as soon as possible to register to attend the workshop.

Community Preparedness Workshop

Saturday, November 23, 2013, 8:00 am – 12:00 am 
Public Safety Building 
475 S 300 E 

8:00       Sign-in & Light continental breakfast 

8:30       Welcome & Open Meeting – John Flynt/Michael Stott 
              Welcome from SLC Mayor’s office. 

8:45       John Flynt - Community involvement in the Salt Lake City Mass Care Strategy 
                   2013 Great Utah ShakeOut Lessons Learned. 
                                 SAFE Neighborhoods program: What it is, Why it’s important, How to get involved. 

9:30       Q & A 

9:45        Break 

10:00      SAFE Neighborhoods Training 
               Red Cross will provide the initial 2 hour training for shelter fundamentals. 
               Participant will learn the basics for: 
  •  Red Cross Shelter requirements 
  •  Setting up a Red Cross shelter 
  •  Check-in procedures at a Red Cross shelter 
  •  Operating in a Red Cross shelter 

12:00 Adjourn 

People with disabilities may make requests for reasonable accommodation no later than 48 hours in advance in order to attend this meeting. Accommodations may include alternate formats, interpreters, and other auxiliary aids. This is an accessible facility. For questions or additional information, please contact Michael Stott, ADA Coordinator, at michael.stott@slcgov.com, (801) 535-7976, or TDD (801) 535-6021.

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