Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thank you, everyone!

Thank you to all who participated in our 2013 neighborhood emergency preparedness exercise.

We wish to thank all neighbors who participated in the exercise by posting their flyer and downloaded their household packets, posting the OK sign in their window.  Don't forget to complete the information in the packet and place it either attached to the fridge, on the inside of a front hallway coat closet, or next to the front window in case emergency responders would ever need to use it.

We wish to thank all the block captains that worked hard to make sure the flyers were delivered to every home in the neighborhood the week of the drill;  and thank them for counting the flyers displayed on Saturday morning.  Thank you for reporting this information into the area command centers, either by FRS/GMRS radio, or by hand delivery.  Without your efforts, we wouldn't have an exercise.  We are so much more prepared because of you.

We wish to thank the area leaders, CERT participants and neighborhood leaders involved in the 6 command centers established for the exercise.  In speaking with some of you, discussions on preparedness were held and items of action were taken away for continued review.  Thank you so much for participating as a group and know that small and simple steps bring about great results.  Thank you for supporting you block captains and delivering the reporting results to area command.

We wish to thank the amateur radio operators who volunteered their time and skills in communication to create the links from the smaller command centers to area command via ham radio.  Thank you for skills in providing clear communications and for your readiness to support any location necessary.

And a big thank you to the area emergency prep committee for your time developing the packets, flyers, maps and more, that made this exercise a success.  Thank you for volunteering your hours of time and energy to help prepare the area.  Thank your families for sharing you with us.

Continue to watch this blog for more articles pertaining to emergency preparedness and look forward to next year's exercise.

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