Wednesday, July 31, 2013

From Chaos to Community Publication

From Chaos to Community is a publication that is intended to help communities ravaged by natural disaster
come together to rebuild and recover.

The contributors to this booklet were inspired and informed by the volunteer efforts of fire survivors from the Altadena, California area who formed under the banner of Eaton Canyon Recovery Alliance and the steady leadership of Ursula Hyman in 1993-96 after massive firestorms wiped out more than 300 local homes. They, in turn, benefited from the community organizing know-how of survivors from the Oakland Hills
(California) wildfires in which wind-fanned flames destroyed some 4,000 homes and structures.

From Chaos to Community represents a small first step in compiling guidance and thoughts for citizens who want to organize and act in ways that make their neighbors and communities whole again.

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