Thursday, December 13, 2012

Generator Maintenance

Many people purchase a portable generator for use during a power outage.  Follow this expert advice on how to buy, operate and maintain a gas powered electrical generator so that it's safe and ready to go when the power goes out.  Topics include:

Tip 1: Don't get burned by wattage ratings
Tip 2: Stock up on oil and filters
Tip 3: Chill out before you refill
Tip 4: Running out of gas can cost you
Tip 5: Old fuel is your worst enemy
Tip 6: Backfeeding kills
Tip 7: Store gasoline safely
Tip 8: Lock it down
Tip 9: Use a heavy-duty cord

Read the full article posted on '" at the following link:

As with any product you purchase, always make to follow the manufacture guidelines for operation, maintenance and parts purchase.

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