Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wildfire threatens homes near Alpine

I was forwarded an article from ABC 4 news that talked about evacuations in the Alpine fire area:

"The Box Elder and Alpine Cove subdivisions and Lambert Park recreation area were placed under a mandatory evacuation order. Around 500 homes were evacuated.
Hundreds of campers staying in American Fork Canyon were also evacuated.
The Utah County Sheriff's Office told ABC 4 News that a search and rescue team was deployed in American Fork Canyon to locate a a family that was unaccounted for. Utah County deputies did not believe the family was in any imminent danger, but they just wanted them to evacuate as a precaution. Sheriff's deputies said the group was in an area a good distance from the fire. They were later located and evacuated safely.
Evacuees were asked to go to the LDS church on Heritage Hills and Main Street in Alpine, but were later moved to Timberline Middle School at 500 W Canyon Crest Road in Alpine, where the Utah Red Cross had established a reception center. There was some confusion as to where the reception center would be located throughout the day, as officials announce Lone Peak High School as the evacuation location before settling on Timberline MS."

As we think of what it might be like for the families affected with evacuations, we can ask ourselves the following questions -- 
  • Am I ready to evacuate my family at a moments notice?
  • Do I have a 72hr kit handy for each member of my family to take?
  • Do I have your important papers such as birth certificates, marriage licence, passports, wills, etc. available to quickly grab?
  • Do I have electronic backup of your important documents, pictures, etc. on a zip drive to quickly grab?
  • Do I have a plan to meet up with your family if we are separated?
  • Do I know which buildings in your area are possible evacuation centers?
  • Do I have cash on hand? 
  • Do I have any medications I may require in my 72hr kit or in an easy to grab place?
  • Do I have a plan for my pets?

If you have other ideas to include, please send comments on the post below.

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