Sunday, June 17, 2012

JarBox Canning Jar Protective System

Check this out for protecting your home canning...

A JarBOX is a specially-designed plastic container to help you preserve your preserves. It can be used as a one-piece tote or two totes put together make a JarBOX.

Reasons to use the JarBox system:
  • If a jar leaks, the bottom or side won't fall out of JarBOX.
  • Mice and bugs will have a VERY difficult time trying to nest in with your jars.
  • You can put JarBOXes in your root cellar.
  • You can CLEAN JarBOXes.
  • Jars closed in a JarBOX cannot contact each other -- even shaken side to side or upside down.
  • They stack.
  • They nest.
  • They are mobile.
  • They prevent breakage.
  • They are designed to be heirlooms!

More information can be found on their website link below:


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