Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Intermountain Center for Disaster Preparedness

The Deseret News posted an article about the new Intermountain Center for Disaster Preparedness at LDS Hospital.

"There's not many ways people can learn these things, without first trying them," said Ann Allen, emergency preparedness manager for Intermountain's Urban Central Region. And even if a big disaster doesn't happen, she said getting the information out is still important.

"We can set up any scenario to accommodate the learning process," Allen said. "We are teaching them in a real work environment. It's really invaluable."

The center occupies 7,000 square feet on the third floor of LDS Hospital. It has room to grow, as the hospital was recently downsized from 500 to 250 beds after Intermountain opened its trauma one medical complex in Murray. Two full-time employees and a website with more information regarding the center are forthcoming.

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