Thursday, February 9, 2012

6.9 earthquake hits Philippines

A 6.9 earthquake hit yesterday in the Phillipines leading to a large landslide, damaged roads and collapsed buildings. The landslide buried an entire village and toppled a cement building that housed hundreds of people and their families.
Dozens of people were still missing Tuesday following a strong earthquake that triggered landslides and damaged buildings and roads on a central Philippine island. The death toll reached 22, but officials said it was likely to rise further as rescuers struggle to reach remote areas.
But Adrian Sedillo, a disaster council officer in Negros Oriental province, said the death toll was likely to rise. There were reports of at least 14 more deaths, but the number will be added to the official count only after authorities verify that the bodies have been recovered, he said. (Read the ABC News article.)
This number doesn’t even include the individuals who are missing or who can not be located. Over a million people live on the small island where the earthquake hit – Negros Island.
At least 73 other people are missing, many of them buried by landslides caused by the lunchtime quake. (Read the Wall Street Journal Article.)
Issues of water and food supply are beginning to hit as much of the natural food supply and electricity has been taken out.
“We have no water and power because electric posts were toppled,” he told The Associated Press by phone. “Many of our roads were damaged, including bridges, and stores are closed. We’re isolated.” …
Aquino ordered air force helicopters and navy and coast guard vessels to come to the aid of rescuers, some of whom were digging with picks and shovels to look for survivors.
Workers were clearing and fixing roads and bridges leading up from the coast to mountains so heavy equipment, food and medicine could flow to the worst-hit villages. (Read the Boston Globe article.)
This earthquake is a reminder to all of us to prepare for natural disasters in our neck of the woods. We should be prepared with reserve water and food as much as possible.
We pray that rescuers might be guided to find those who are still missing and that God will comfort those who have lost love ones in this disaster.

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