Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drop, Cover and Hold On!

Recent devastating earthquakes around the globe have focused attention on the increasing risk of a large, catastrophic earthquake hitting Southern California. The southern end of the San Andreas fault is 300 years overdue for a major realignment and that means that everyone who lives in Southern California should know what do when the ground starts shaking.

This short film explains it in straight forward language what to do during an earthquake to maximize your chances of survival. Drop, cover, hold on! It's that simple. Now it's time to practice.

These simple steps can save your life in the event of a major earthquake. To ensure you know what to do, it's vital that you practice. If you don't, it's likely that impulse will rule the day, and you'll be running for the exits, with bits of building falling all around.

Don't be a statistic. Stay where you are, drop to the ground (hopefully under a table, chair, or other protective object), and hold on to whatever object is protecting you. If you aren't near something you can get under, try to get "next" to something, such as your bed.

Video from MySafeLA.org

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