Sunday, December 18, 2011

Goal Zero Sale at COSTCO

The Costo store located at 1818 South 300 West is currently offering a few Goal Zero products through Christmas Eve, and I want to make a quick mention per the prices are much, much less expensive that any place else right now.

For those who are looking for a manufactured small battery backup system that can charge by means of solar power; the Escape 150 from Goal Zero is a great setup. 

The Escape 150 is ideal for powering up lights, cell phones laptops, and HT HAM radios and has output connections for USB, 12V and AC.

The solar panel can recharge the power pack in about 10-20 hours.  If you want to recharge the battery faster, just add an additional solar panel and cut the recharge time in half.

Goal Zero website sells the kit for $359.95
Emergency Essential sells the kit with an additional 12v 3w light for $287.95
Costco’s in store promotion for the kit and light sells for $249.99

Follow this link for technical details:

Goal Zero sells the light separately – calling it ‘Light-A-Life.”

Light-A-Life is a bright, low power draw LED light where a soft lantern type light is desired. You can string them up around a camp, on the beach, in the backyard, or in an emergency, around a command center easily with the adjustable carabineer, and enjoy the night!  The LED Lantern light is rated for 20,000 hrs of use, is weather resistant, has a 9' extender cord and patented carabiner that lets you hook it anywhere.

The Light-A-Life  comes with a 12v male cigarette lighter adapter and you can daisy chain up to 8 Light-A-Life lights in a series.

Goal Zero website sells the light for $49.99
Emergency Essentials sells the light for $35.95
Costco’s in store promotion for the light sells for $26.99

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