Saturday, August 20, 2011

EP - Emergency Sanitation


After a major disaster, if water and sewage lines have been disrupted you may need to improvise emergency sanitation facilities.

Always have basic sanitation supplies on hand
• Medium-sized plastic bucket with tight lid
• Household chlorine bleach
• Toilet paper
• Plastic garbage bags and ties (heavy duty)
• Soap, liquid detergent
• Towelettes

Build a makeshift toilet
• If sewage lines are broken but the toilet bowl is usable, place a garbage bag
              inside the bowl.
• If the toilet is completely backed up, make your own.
• Line a medium sized bucket with a garbage bag.
• Make a toilet seat out of two boards place parallel to each other across the 
              bucket. An old toilet seat will also work.

Sanitize Waste
• After each use, pour a disinfectant such as bleach into the container. This will 
              help avoid infection and stop the spread of disease.
• Cover the container tightly WHEN NOT IN USE.

Waste Disposal
• Bury garbage and human waste to avoid the spread of disease by rats and 
• Dig a pit 2 to 3 feet deep and at least 50 feet downhill or away from any well, 
              spring or water supply.
• If the garbage cannot be buried immediately, strain any liquids into the 
              emergency toilet.
• Wrap the residue in several layers of newspapers and store it in a large can
              with tight-fitting lid.
• Place the can outside until it can be buried.

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