Thursday, April 7, 2011

HAM - Antennas I Personally Reccomend

Arrow Antenna - OSJ 146/440
 Many people have asked what are the best antennas they should purchase for their homes and/or field emergency communications.  There are many types, lengths and brands of antenna you can purchase or build yourself.  I would like to recommend two specific antennas we have used in the SLC Foothill Net and I have found to be of very good quality and usefulness. 

First, Arrow Antenna makes an excellent 2m/7cm J-Pole antenna.  Product number OSJ 146/440. 

Made from aluminum, this antenna works great for mounting on your house top either on a tri-pod, a chimney, or a metal sewer vent pipe.  Because of it's simple design, you can set this up quickly and use for a semi permanent mobil emergency communications operation.

From the east bench, I am able to reach all the major repeaters throughout the valley, a couple in the Provo area, and several in Ogden area - including Tremonton.  The current price of this antenna is $39

N9TAX - Dual Band 'Slim Jim' J-Pole

Next, there is a gentleman on ebay, N9TAX - Joseph, that sells a great product call a dual band 'Slim Jim' J-Pole

This antenna can be supported by many things including trees, ceilings, curtain rods and pretty much anything else you can dream up that will support 6 oz of weight and keep the antenna a couple inches away from solid objects.  It's lightweight for your grab-and-go kit and a super quick install.

This antenna is great for emergency communication activities, field expeditions, hotel rooms and base station use to.  One member of our net hangs it from the ceiling tiles in his 3rd floor office in SLC and communicates all over the valley.  Follow this link for more information on purchasing:

But, don't take my word for it.  'Google' both antennas and read what others have to say about them.  The website is a good starting point filled with many reviews.

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