Monday, March 28, 2011

HAM - Grab And Go Kit Contents

Creating a Ham Radio Grab And Go kit is an essential part of being prepared to communicate during an emergency.  Below I have listed items the Herriman Amature Radio Club suggests to it's members to keep in a kit.  You may wish to include additional items not listed based on your individual needs:

1.   Small backpack for equipment / essentials
2.   2M or 2M/70cm (preferred) synthesized handheld radio
3.   Alkaline battery pack for handheld radio
4.   5/8 or wave gain antenna for handheld radio
5.   Earphone for handheld radio
6.   Reflective Vest
7.   50 feet of coax (RG8 mini or better) with PL259 connectors
8.   Barrel Connector
9.   SO239/BNC male adapter
10. PL259/BNC female adapter
11. Flashlight (AA)
12. Personal first-aid kit
13. Five dollars in bills and change
14. 8 AA alkaline batteries
15. Pocket knife / Multi-tool
16. Roll of electrical tape
17. Car charger for your HT’s
18. Copy of your radio manual or a cheat sheet
19. Any special size tools / fuses your radio uses like tiny screwdrivers, etc
20. Water (2 quarts minimum)
21. Light snacks
22. Your "favorite" pain relievers - aspirin / Tylenol / Advil / sinus / Rolaids / Chap stick /
       hand cream / throat lozenges /Imodium / sun block / mosquito repellant / etc.
23. Resource Book with the following materials:
        Sheets of blank paper (notebook)
        Zipper pouch with pens and pencils
        Map of Salt Lake City
        Multiple copies of forms

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